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Monthly Archives: July 2009

Underway at last

Gavin LeSueur - July 5, 2009

The project is underway. After working for months trying to sort out preventative health protocols and screening recommendations into a format you can understand, it is starting to come together.

One of the challenges of this project is the problem of sorting out what recommendations are actually scientifically proven to be useful. Although much has been studied, there are areas of conflict and my goal is to keep to the facts. If a recommendation has a proven benefit then it will be included. If the benefit is uncertain for the general public but has specific groups that it is useful for then it will only be included in the comprehensive subscribers area.

I hope you find a useful tool to maintaining good health!

The problem with problems

Gavin LeSueur - July 5, 2009

I consult weekdays in a busy international 24 hour medical centre. I have my regular patients and see tourists and locals on a walk-in emergency basis. Every day I am astounded by how little preventative health is actually practiced. Most consults are problem based. Rarely does a patient walk in well. Given the restraints of time and dollar, the problem is usually all that is dealth with. It is refreshing to have someone come in and say ‘I’m here for a check-up’. Actually, that is so unusual that I often wonder what prompted the attendance. This is the reason for I am trying to make a difference.

Building the database

Gavin LeSueur - July 5, 2009

this project started in 2008 with a concept to bring quality health advice direct to the public. After a year of reviewing preventative health recommendations and trying to design a format that is patient friendly and undertandable, is now ready to go onto the web. Many of the preventative health and screening protocols are designed in ‘doctor-speak’ and thus make little sense to patients. I am writing the explanations and getting my 16 year old daughter and local tradesman friends to read them before I post them. If they cannot understand what is needed then I re-work the explanation until it is useful.

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