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Monthly Archives: October 2009

An eye on your blood sugar level…

Gavin LeSueur - October 29, 2009

Did you know that diabetes is commonest disease responsible for vision loss? Unfortunately diabetes is usually present up to seven years before it is diagnosed! The risk factors for diabetes and the implications for preventative health screen are critical (literally). Diabetic screening recommendations and vision screening recommendations both alter depending on your lifestyle, family and medical history. Put in your details and check out what you should be doing.
During a busy morning recently I checked seven blood sugar levels on patients who presented with infections, fatigue, weight loss and weight gain. One had diabetes – and they had noticed vision changes over the past year but never had a blood sugar level check.

Cholesterol Screening recommendations

Gavin LeSueur - October 19, 2009

Each day I review a topic in the literature to see what is likely to change within the recommendations. Today it is cholesterol day!
The ‘acceptable’ blood cholesterol/lipid levels vary with other medical conditions and lifestyle habits. If you have hypertension and are a smoker then what might be acceptable for a person without these risk factors might not be an acceptable risk increase for you. The free health recommendations are based on age and sex alone. If you have other relevant factors – heart condition, family history of heart problems, smoker etc then consider subscribing to see how these impact the recommended screening tests and frequency.
You can review other family members in the Subscription area also. Completely anonymous, no record is made of the parameters checked.

Skin checks

Gavin LeSueur - October 16, 2009

How often should you get a skin check? There is no hard and fast rule and a lot depends on you skin type, your sun exposure and your family and personal skin history. It is recommened that you should check you own skin every three months and note anything that is new or changing. Change is significant and should be examined by a qualifiend Skin doctor. There are a lot a bits that are difficult to examine yourself so getting a skin examination thoroughly will educate you about your own skin and help check these areas. Your Doctor should advise you on their recommended review times given your personal history.

Why Subscribe?

Gavin LeSueur - October 6, 2009 has been ‘live’ for a week and getting many hits a day. Although the site has not been promoted the spread must be by word of mouth (or fingertips on keyboards) so thanks to those that have recommended it.
I have asked some of the subscribers their main motivation for going to the next level and most have been those interested in the recommendations that have been specifically related to family history conditions. High Blood pressure, cholesterol problems, bowel and breast cancer concerns are some of the major problems that have have repercussions within the family and specific recommendations.
This week the US Preventative Services Preventative Health Guide has released it’s update. Already a few of the guides have slightly altered and the changes introduced.
Thanks for your support and keep the feedback coming. We can be contacted easily on the ‘contact us’ page.

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