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A new years resolution?

- January 4, 2011

The arrival of the new year is an opportunity to consider how to improve your health. The obvious goals many attempt – stopping smoking or losing weight – with varied success. You health is more important than a once a year resolution that fades within a few weeks. The first step to good health is educating your self about what you should be doing and why. There is no one quick fix. Stopping smoking may not prolong your lifeor wellbeing if you ignore the dark growing mole or forget about your cholesterol, your bowel screen, your PAP smear etc. For the average person there are 18 -20 health recommendations each year. They change as you age, depending on lifestyle, family and medical history. Some are simple – eg: know your recommended weight. Some are complex – eg Genetic counseling if a strong family history of breast cancer. All require on first step. Find out what you should be doing.
To all out subscribers in 2010 the team at eDoc would like to thank you for your support. The feedback has been excellent and we are pleased to have had a significant health impact on your lives. Please continue to send in your stories about how eDoc helped guide you to good health. Happy New year 2011 !