About Us

eDoc.net is a preventative health concept initiated in 2008 and designed by a Family General Practitioner who consults in a busy, international Medical Centre in Australia. Working alongside Doctors from around the world, he could see the frustration arising at the complexity and changing nature of preventative health protocols.

When presenting with an illness, many patients do not receive guidance in preventative health screening, investigations and counseling.

Dr Gavin Le Sueur decided to put what was recommended in a format designed for the patient to both tailor to their personal needs and understand. Rather than replace a consultation with your Doctor eDoc.net is designed to enhance the communication and discussion in optimising your health care.

eDoc.net sources from many areas including the

1. U.S. Preventative Services Task Force


2. National library of Medicine


3. The Royal Australian College of General Practice (RACGP) ‘Guidelines for preventative activities in General Practice’


For specific disease areas (eg Diabetes) preventative resources and best practice guidelines are those used in family General Practices (eg Diabetes Collaborative guidelines and protocols).

Our aim is not to replace your Doctor but to enhance your consultations and assist your family Doctor in doing the very best for you, not just in illness but in maximising health.

Dr Gavin LeSueur (M.B.,B.S.,B.Med.Sc. (Melb), FACRRM has  Bachelor degrees in Medicine, Surgery and Medical Science  and is a Fellow of the Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine. He is a Vocationally Registered  working General Practitioner who maintains, wholly funds and manages this site.

eDoc.net, Australian business Number 40 759 076 261 is responsible for the financial management of the site.  eDoc.net is a registered business name. We welcome feedback and suggestions. Please see the ‘contact us’ for details.