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At risk of stating the obvious

- February 15, 2011

A recent study demonstrated that people who walked 8km (5 miles) a day had a threefold improvement in insulin sensitivity (one of the problems that occurs in diabetes) and lower waist-to-hip ratio’s and BMI’s (Body Mass Index). To me this is obvious. Exercise = better health = less risk of ‘lifestyle’ illness. The question most people ask when I recommend an exercise programis ‘How much and how often?” There is no one easy answer. Anything is better than nothing. There are guidelines specific to each persons age and health conditions and these are available on eDoc and from your family Doctor. The secret is make a start, stick to it and then increase as your fitness improves. To do ‘exercise for exercise sake’ on a daily basis is often a chore for some people. To make it interesting, or useful, fit exercise into your lifestyle. Use the stairs, walk to the corner shop, take the dog for a walk, consider joining a walking club, or sports club. Exercise has so many benefits – for your body and your mind. The first step is …. the first step.