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Don’t clown around Doc

- May 16, 2019

Usually when a patient comes in and says ‘I’ve just come in for a check up” there is a reason. A relative has been diagnosed with Melanoma or breast cancer, they have noticed breathlessness on walking up a hill or have had trouble passing urine – to list some of the underlying concerns, not initially mentioned, that patients often have.
As a result they usually do not have a ‘check up’ but an investigation of what is concerning them. A patient said to me the other day that it should be called the ‘illness industry’ not the ‘health industry’. After a bit of thought I had to agree because the way Medicine generally works is based on the reason for presentation. After all, Doctors do not go into the streets and tout for well people to come and see them.

But we might be better off, as a community, in doing this. Come to me when you are well and I will aim to keep you that way. I cannot stop all illness but there are recommendations, investigations and examinations that can minimize illness risk, maximize health and detect problems before they are life threatening. will give you an exercise prescription tailored to your age, sex and health. We have health recommendations as well as illness screens.

So I really probably should go into the streets and tout for the well patients to come and see me. I truly want it to be a health industry.