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Health IS rocket science!

- September 3, 2018

Rocket science is all about statistics that result in the smallest margin of error so that the unforgiving nature of the environment entered into is survivable. Preventative health is like rocket science. Preventative health is based on a statistical analysis of health interventions that provided a benefit into well being – quality and/or quantity of life. If the research is not there to back up an intervention then it does not become a recommendation. We live in an environment that is very survivable but we contend with genetic issues, environmental toxins and organisms, varying personal habits and socio-economic circumstances that all impact on our health. Health Science is the practical application of knowledge about how these issues can be modified and the bad effects minimised! Rocket Science helps.

For example, the science behind what is good food has been around a long time. Most of us will have studied the ‘food pyramid’ and ‘healthy food groups’ at school and we might even remember some of it! Science has studied patterns of food use over time and the results are scary. The average six year old today has consumed more sugar than their grandparents did – in their entire life. How can we have so much more knowledge yet be making a complete new set of mistakes? Doctor’s in the 1940 recommended ‘smoking’. Then the science got behind the obvious issues that developed with time and smoking rates started declining when the health consequences become apparent. As obesity rates climb the lifelong complication rates on health disease, diabetes and joint failure continue to grow. It is time to apply some Rocket Science to your health and take on board what has been scientifically proven to improve longevity and quality of life.