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"Heart problems are in the family Doc"

- April 5, 2011

It is an all too common scenario for a patient to come into the Doctors surgery worried about a heart problem. The trigger for their presenting is often that a close relative has had a heart attack.

A family history of heart disease can mean you may have an increased tendency to develop:

* High blood pressure
* High blood cholesterol
* Diabetes
* A particular body shape.

Having a family history of coronary heart disease is a risk factor for developing it, fortunately it does not mean that you will develop it.

It is much easier to make an impact on heart disease if you reduce the risk factors early in life. The best day to stop smoking is today. The best time to eat healthily is today. The best time to start exercising (am I getting repetitive here…) IS TODAY!!!

Look at your relatives who have heart problems and take a serious look at their lifestyle. Learn from others mistakes. If you have a young relative with heart disease then the genetic component is more likely so early intervention and investigation is very important. The first and best step is talk to your family Doctor about your heart risk factors. If it takes a relative’s heart problem to prompt your visit then go for it. Maybe this blog might do the same!