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I’m tough and fit and in denial. I am a man and I don’t need a GP…

- November 13, 2012

Okay blokes, do you have a GP? A GP is a medical doctor, sometimes called a family doctor. They are usually the first person you see for your health care in Australia. GPs complete a medical degree at university, followed by years of special training in general practice. After this, they continue to receive professional training throughout their working life. They are among the most highly trained health professionals in Australia.

Do you have a mechanic? Do you have an electrician or a plumber that you can call on? Just because you rarely get sick it does not mean you should avoid seeing a GP regularly. In fact, when you are well is a good time to find a GP and develop a working relationship with them.

Your GP can help you with physical and mental health problems, including short and long term illnesses, injuries, immunisation, and emotional issues like stress, anxiety, depression and relationship problems. Another very important role of a GP is preventive care, which might include giving you tests to detect an illness early and providing you with advice on how to have a healthy lifestyle.

For example, they can help you quit smoking, cut down on your drinking, advise you on healthy eating and tell you about the benefits of regular exercise.

Even if you feel healthy and don’t think you need a GP, it is still a good idea to find one and sign up with their practice.
There are many benefits to having a regular GP or practice and building up a relationship by seeing him or her regularly. You should feel comfortable and be able to talk openly to your GP so that he or she will be able to get to know you and understand your particular health problems, needs and concerns. It will also make sure that your medical history is kept up to date and stays in the one place.