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Immunisation for life!

- May 4, 2011

We immunise children to provide protection before they are exposed to many diseases that can have disasterous consequences. Unfortunately the protection is not lifelong and some illnesses come in later life when childhood vaccination has wained or new reasons for vaccination arise. Some of the reasons for adult vaccination include travel, immigration, lifetyle factors or medical problems.
Despite the availability of safe and effective vaccines for adults the vaccination rates in adults are low and doctors are not often proactive in chasing up your immunisations needs. Within the eDoc site you will be given a list of the recomended vaccinations for every stage of your life and you should make the opportunity to discuss with your Doctor those that are suggested. A simple jab can avoid tetanus, protect against hepatitis, stop life threatening pneumonia or reduce the risk of passing on pertussis to your grandkids! Health tip: Keep a ‘whole of life’ health register for you and your family – listing major illnesses, allergies and immunisations. Ask your Doctor to update it as needed. A simple exercise book will do the job.