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Life in a mask and PPE

- May 6, 2020

In these unpredictable times, the blog updates on have been a bit tardy.  Our excuse is that this site is managed by a coal face team and, to put it mildly, life has been busy.  At the start of January, I flew in Mallacoota, a country town in Victoria, Australia, and provided volunteer medical work for a couple of weeks to help the community through the devastating fire season and aftermath.  Much of the time was spent in a face mask for protection from the ash and smoke.  Fast forward only a couple of months and again most days are again spent again in a face mask, this time treating patients amid the covid-19 pandemic.

It is now time to take stock of 2020 and remember that despite natural disasters – fire and pandemic – life goes on for many and those scientific research-backed preventative health recommendations are still there to ensure you maintain the best possible quantity and quality of life.  If you haven’t done an screen for while then now is a ripe opportunity. It’s free, it’s anonymous, and takes only a few minutes.  Preventative health measures extend and improve the lives of millions.  The first step in knowledge and this is at your fingertips – literally – now.