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No gimmicks, no advertisments

- August 2, 2012

In the average week receives many emails from ‘health sites’ requesting that we partner them or add banners or advertisments. We politely refuse. maintains it’s independence from commercial sites by sticking to our one goal – to provide sound, researched and recommended preventative health advice. With the minimum of fuss you should be able to determine what health recommendations, screening tests and investigations your should be doing in this year of your life.

There are no advertisements on this site. We are not selling any vitamins, minerals or exercise machines. The links provided with each preventative health recommendation have been researched as providing current and comprehensive advice. The sort of information that I would provide for my patients.

If you are searching the internet for health advice there is probably one guiding rule that I would recommend people follow. It the site sells you a product then it is not likely to be unbiased. This is not to say that it is not telling the truth, but independent advice is literally that – independent of product.

The internet can provide a wealth of health information and advice. When looking for advice use common sense and ensure the information has a legitimate and peer reviewed basis.