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Which Vitamin should I take Doc?

- November 22, 2010

Vitamins have a place in traditional medicine. If you are vitamin deficient usually this can be investigated based on symptom presentation and the likely cause/culprit. In most cases absorption problems are not solved with supplements. Deficiencies usually have a cause and this needs to be treated. I rarely recommend vitamin and mineral supplementation without thorough screening and discussion. Dietary advice is always the first line of management and often the culprit! It is recommended that you seriously discuss vitamin supplements before commencing on a course. Why? Well sometimes you can do more harm than good. For example Vitamin E supplements have been linked to increased haemorrhagic stroke risk – up to 22% in comparison to placebo.
There are various vitamin and mineral deficiencies that could be screened for but few are recommended without a clinical problem or specific dietary lifestyle. Vegetarians and Vegans have specific problems and these are discussed with information links in the subscribers area.