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Who are you?

- March 15, 2010

The subscribers to are a mixed bunch. Without a doubt most have families and check the health recommendations for everyone in the family. for a family of five then a screening check at under $2.00 is a bargain! It is usually the mother in the family that subscribes and sends us feedback – keep it coming!
When we started the project we really had no idea of who would use the site. Ideally everyone would – after all the information is relevant to each of us even when perfectly well. The goal and aim is to keep you that way. What makes this site unique is that we keep the service current, relevant and scientific. In other words for a health recommendation to make it onto it is extensively researched and recommended by the major health bodies in Australia, the USA, UK and New Zealand.
To date has not been advertised other than by word of mouth or fingers to keyboards. If you have used the site and found it useful tell your friends. If you have a problem with it then please feedback to us so that you can improve our services. You health is our goal.