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Your ultimate choice

- December 16, 2013

As the holiday season rolls in I sit back and think about suitable topics to discuss that are ‘timely’. Christmas and the festive season brings it’s own inherent risks that impact on health but most are not going to determine the quality and quantity of the life that is in your control. The medical system is only as good as your ability and desire to avail yourself to it. If you don’t get a check up in a timely fashion then many preventable and treatable problems will eventually occur.

Ultimately the choice about being healthy is yours.

Medicine has a success rate of zero. We all die, most from heart disease, about a third from cancer and a few from accidents. But the health system is designed to support quality and quantity of life. If you only ever go to the Doctor when you are sick then you are really not making the most of the opportunities available to make a difference in how and how long you live.

There is no magic out there. You would consider it a bit daft to drive your car until it breaks down and then tow it to the mechanic. Yet that is how many people use the health system.

So my festive season advice is consider an annual tune up. Use the holiday time as a reminder, and the opportunity, to do a health checkup. That, bottom line, is what eDoc is about. Your choice.